What do you stand for?  Deceptively simple question.  Massive implications!

Business Challenge:

Profitable businesses link what they stand for in the minds of their customers - MARKET POSITION -  to what they do in the areas of PRICE management, VOLUME sales, adjustment to product MIX, COST expenditures, and WORKING CAPITAL management.   An organization’s MARKET POSITION is at the heart of every business action in the marketplace.

Market Position – Positioning for Performance:

An executive team process focused on quickly capturing, summarizing, and clarifying the viewpoint of your senior leaders across critical elements of the Market Position framework:

  • Target Customers
  • Competitive Frame of Reference
  • Point of Difference – Value Proposition

The final output – a simple, clear, and unambiguous statement of MARKET POSITION – what your business stands for in the minds of your customers; the starting point for shaping business strategy and tactics.

Target Audience:

Market Position – Positioning for Performance is for senior and mid-level managers, across functions, responsible for delivering bottom line financial results.

Key Content:

Market Position – Positioning for Performance is a facilitated, structured, highly interactive team session that promotes leadership clarity with respect to:

  • Target Customers – a breakdown across those individuals who influence, purchase, and (or) consume your business’s products and services
  • Competitive Frame of Reference including direct competitors and (or) substitutes
  • Point of Difference value proposition – the source of your business’s competitive advantage (i.e. price / convenience, functional superiority, customer intimacy . . .)
  • Relationship between your business’s MARKET POSITION and bottom line profitability


By participating in Market Position - Positioning for Performance, your leadership team will achieve the following:

  • Internal consensus on “Current State” MARKET POSITION for your business, the basis for all market actions
  • Clarity on the gaps in  your leadership’s understanding and alignment relative to key components of the MARKET POSITION framework
  • Tactical game plan – a prioritization of key actions for closing identified gaps in MARKET POSITION, the first step in positioning your business for future success
  • Sense of urgency – a desire by your leadership team to utilize session output to create alignment across your organization and manage your business to a higher state of performance

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"Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision."

Peter Drucker