Delivering Results with Executive Focus™

Senior Manufacturing Executive - Fortune 100 Company 

Noted for technical prowess and a "can do" orientation, this executive transitioned from a manufacturing operating role to a senior manufacturing leadership role.  Through Executive Focus™, Precision Catalyst worked with this talented individual to gain insight, develop, and act upon the new skills required to lead in a highly complex manufacturing environment with multiple highly skilled constituency groups.


Senior Executive - Fortune 100 Medical Products Company

A skilled scientist, this executive was promoted to a critical leadership role, guiding previous peers in the company's new product development and portfolio management process.  Through Executive Focus™, Precision Catalyst worked with this highly competent executive to establish new boundaries and successfully transition from peer to executive leader.


Internationally Renowned Executive - Health Care Industry 

Esteemed for scientific expertise, this individual transitioned from the academic community to a Fortune 100 for-profit health care company.   Through Executive Focus™, Precision Catalyst worked with this leader to successfully bridge the culture gap; leveraging his clear and distinct leadership capabilities into a new results-based operating environment.


Select Comments from Senior Leaders...

"Intense and focused.  There was no letting up.  This required me to engage and participate all of the time.  I really gained insight into the root cause of my behavior.  This was a key learning.  Also... having models to guide me toward the right focus on business results makes it possible to lead differently."

"Focused, consistent, direct messages.  Clear, practical, "smart" models to learn from.  Feedback is timely and on point." 

"This experience achieved everything I expected and more.  I know I have a much better understanding of what is important to me and what drives behavior.  On a 1 to 7 scale, I would rate my overall coaching experience a 7; outstanding value - add to my development!"

"The one-on-one coaching meetings were remarkable.  I can point to explicit examples where the coaching and counseling had a demonstrable impact on my performance.  The assignments between coaching meetings had a huge impact.  The different perspectives offered, helped jolt me out of my line of thinking."

"Thank you!  I felt the investment was truly worthwhile.  Not only did I walk away with a better understanding of where I should focus my energy in my development but also with some specific tools to support the success of my customers."

"I have been working hard at applying the many helpful tools you taught me... I'm finding the listening, conflict resolution, and enrollment tools you taught me to be particularly useful - every day."

"I have the following thoughts regarding my executive coaching experience... The work touches on all my goals, professional and personal.  Good pace, challenging, learning about myself in leadership / business situations.  My coach is very skilled."


Delivering Results with Creating Alignment™and Strategy Execution

Global Fortune 100 Client  -  Health Care Industry 

Facilitated cross-division change management initiative to help redefine and optimize how new products are brought to market.  As lead consultant, Precision Catalyst provided actionable insights into the organization's current and future state, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, short-term priorities, and recommendations to increase both the speed and efficiency of the new product development process.

Fortune 100 Diversified Manufacturing and Services Company

Formulated and implemented a major alignment initiative for the research and development arm of this world-renowned company. Completed in 75 days from start to finish, Precision Catalyst worked with R&D leadership to shape, clarify, and articulate an actionable roadmap that linked the leadership of the business growth platforms with the development teams tasked with innovating new products in support of long-term growth objectives.


Fortune 100 Medical Products Company

Defined, framed, and implemented a major transformation effort to establish clarity on the characteristics of a high performance project management organization.  Within a 10-week timeframe, Precision Catalyst provided actionable recommendations on roles, tools, processes, and attributes of a world class project management group.  As follow-up, Precision Catalyst worked with the senior leadership team to bridge the gap between the organization's current state and desired future state.


Middle Market Food Products Company

Facilitated an action planning session moving the organization from -2% to +7% operating income as a percent of sales. Precision Catalyst provided ongoing support to drive substantial profit improvement resulting from a +6% year-to-year price increase on the flagship product, double-digit volume growth in core markets, and shifts in product sales from low-margin to high-margin products.


Select Comments from Senior Leaders...

"Right now, I am feeling very positive that we have the data to make decisions in areas of greatest need.... Very thorough, highly professional, most useful for us.  Thank you!"

"Precision Catalyst helped bring focus and discipline to our management team. Within ten weeks, we analyzed our customer base, business profitability, and internal business culture. Within 12 weeks, we created a well-defined business plan with significant stated financial objectives. Within 26 weeks our management team executed on all core business initiatives.  Precision Catalyst provided the right help to our business at the right time."

"You delivered outstanding value to our business unit. You helped us see the possibilities and then worked with us to chart our course of action."


Delivering Results with Market Position - Positioning for Performance

Manufacturer - Wall Systems

Led senior team through a disciplined process to more clearly define and articulate the business's strategic market position within core markets.  Throughout this facilitation, Precision Catalyst helped executive leaders focus company resources, improve sales force targeting, and establish a clear path forward on new product development.


Mid-Market Chemical Products Company

Led 15-member management team through a strategic change initiative redirecting the business from a private label to a branded focus. Results - Precision Catalyst helped this client achieved +85% year-to-year profit improvement in core markets; +32% profit growth for the company - overall.


Select Comments from Senior Leaders...

"Precision Catalyst helped us better link what we stand for in the minds of our customers - our Market Position - to what we do 'day-to-day' in pursuit of our business growth objectives.  Throughout each team interaction, they helped drive discussion and consensus on critical and sometimes emotion-laden business issues.  I can already see a difference in both the strategic alignment and working relationship of our key executives.  Precision Catalyst...  Well done!!"

"Strategic discipline and focus... Precision Catalyst helped our organization through a critical change process which had significant and direct impact on the bottom line."


Delivering Results with the Tools for Profit™

Global Medical Devices Company Serving the Acute Care Market Segment

Delivered customized Tools for Profit™ strategy sessions to the top 140 business leaders including the Chairman & CEO, Senior Executive Committee, Unit Vice Presidents, Sales, and Operations leaders - both domestically and internationally.

Fortune 100 Diversified Manufacturing Company

Delivered Tools for Profit™ capability to approximately 100 global research and development leaders. Featured at the company's international technical conference, linking new product innovation to top-line and bottom-line growth, the Tools for Profitä was added to the curriculum of the "Innovation Institute" for this science-based organization.

Global Advanced Engineering Plastics Manufacturer 

Engaged division leadership in the Tools for Profit™; leveraged program learning to develop specific actions driving profitable growth across product lines.


Select Comments from Senior Leaders...

"The Tools for Profit exceeded my expectations . . .  The most valuable take-away from the program was the Action Plan to improve our organization.  We are already taking action and I won't let go until we get it done!"

"Great delivery, pace, clarity and relevance!  The Tools for Profit will help us examine the many layers where improvements can be made to Operating Profit and Cash-flow.  I have gone through a number of courses here and during my tenure at GE.  This was one of the very few courses where you can apply what you learn immediately."

"The most valuable take-away from this program . . .  MARKET POSITION.  The Tools for Profit offers key learning and powerful tools that can help generate business growth."

"Excellent.  After the first day of the Tools for Profit, one of our leaders said he was too stimulated to sleep."

"The Tools for Profit was a great program, well designed and creative.  You brought the subject to life.  Our work on the case study was most valuable."

"Everything we have learned today has value to how we manage our company.  Right now, I am feeling that we can put together a successful strategy using the Tools for Profit."